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Iron Man Bath Salt 13.5 oz.

Ironman is a therapeutic bath used to fortify and build the blood, for a stronger more resistant body. It is an ideal recovery bath for the extreme athlete. IronMan is also a terrific blend for exhaustion, fatigue or anemia, and is made to speed recovery from overexertion and illness as well. Use this bath whenever you need a lift, but especially during the Waxing and Full Moon phases when energy naturally builds with the help of the expansive Moon. Visualize your body being filled up with everything you need to be strong,nourished and full of vitality.
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Iron Man Bath Salt 13.5 oz.
Iron Man Bath Salt 13.5 oz.
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Ironman contains a unique blend of salts especially high in iron and trace minerals, organic beet powder to build the blood, organic ginger, 100% pure essential oils of camphor, vetiver, lavender & others, and a pinch of Love & Magic. Visualize a powerful energy entering your body and making it healthy and robust. Relax as the miracle waters strengthen and rebuild your body, your spirit, & your mind. 13.5 oz. Jar
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