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Provence Sante Bath Bar

Bigger than the average bath bar. Smaller than our very Big Bar. Very simple. Very elegant.
A cedar-like aroma distilled from the roots of an Indian plant.
A zesty Lemon Verbena that is out of this world.
The light enchanting fragrance of the linden or basswood tree.
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Provence Sante Bath Bar
Provence Sante Bath Bar
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According to people close to the source, the founding fathers of Baudelaire spent a past lifetime growing lavender together in France, undoubtedly in the Provence region. Probably they intended to do the same thing this time around but ended up being born American wiseguys instead. Go figure. Fortunately for them, in the course of human events, they discovered a small family company making exquisite soaps and bath products in the south of France, right near those very same lavender fields.Is that karma, or what?Now, these luxurious soaps and bath products have become wildly popular with everyone from chic urban masses to suburban families with 2.5 kids to old hippies still living off the land (with a little help from a trust fund, suv, and tangerine-hued computer, of course).
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