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Shea Butter Shave Soap

PRÉ de PROVENCE Shea Butter Shave Soap has a high content of SheaButter (20%). Enriched with shea butter, this shave soap protects, nourishes, hydrates and heals your skin. To use: Make a lather with wet brush. Apply to damp skin and shave with glee! Rinse and admire!
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Shea Butter Shave Soap
Shea Butter Shave Soap
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A small drought resistant tree known as "Karite” or Shea grows in thesouthern Sahelian region of South Africa. A small nut, rich in vitamin F, is extracted from the fruit of this tree. It is dried, pounded and smoothed between two stones. The women of this region then transform this brown paste into a soft white butter. Shea Butter is the best-known natural moisturizer you can use. It is nourishing and soothing while protecting the skin from the elements. It is also healing. There is no known toxicity. SheaButter can be used anywhere on the body, hair, nose, lips, toes…anywhere that needs moisturizing. Even though you may think it will be greasy, it isn’t.It is very rich and requires only a small amount. If it feels greasy, you have used too much.
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