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Sleep Comes Easy Bath Salt 4oz.

Sleep Comes Easy is a peaceful, lavender and chamomile-scented, sleep-inspiring soak, for use whenever you need to naturally aid the sleep and relaxation process This bathing comfort comes in a relaxing aromatherapy salt blend, and several other mediums as listed below. Each one of the essential oils is placed in the blend with a specific action in mind, working in combination to relax the body, nourish the nerves, and slow the mind to a reasonable, sleepworthy pace!!!
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Sleep Comes Easy Bath Salt 4oz.
Sleep Comes Easy Bath Salt 4oz.
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Lavender essential oil is reputed to be soothing, anti-depressant, & sleep-inducing, and many of the other essential oils have been used for sleep-remedying for ages. Sleep Comes Easy contains high mineral salts, and 100% pure essential oils of lavender, lemon, chamomile, coriander, frankincense and many more. Use a generous handful after you enter the bath, and please do relax to your heart's content! BUT DON"T FALL ASLEEP IN THE TUB!! Safe for sleepers of all ages - but make sure to leave the bathtub and get in bed before you get too sleepy. 4 oz Jar
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