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Steam Bags - Dry or Mature Skin

Facilitates and activates the healing of damaged skin tissue. Soothes irritated and dry skin. Deep cleanses pores and hydrates skin while promoting cell repair. Tones derma and softens wrinkles.
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Price: $10.00
Steam Bags - Dry or Mature Skin
Steam Bags - Dry or Mature Skin
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Product Details
Use:  Bring 2 Quarts of water to a strong boil in a large pot.  Add 1 tea bag and let simmer for 2 minutes.  Remove from heat source and move to a spot where you will be able to sit comfortably for up to 15 minutes while leaning over the pot.  Drape a large towel over your head and pot to capture the herbal steam.  If you get too warm, it's OK to  peek your head out of your towel fort!

Each Tea Bag contains: Marshmallow, Chamomile, Calendula, Borge, Elder, Wild Rose, Lavender, Comfrey Leaf

3 Large bags in each box
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