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Stress Therapy 1 lb. Jar

An aromatic relaxation bath made to release stress and tension caused by the demands of modern living. Help prevent major illnesses caused by stress. Feel calm and relaxed after a soothing therapeutic bath of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Chamomile, Valerian, Skullcap, and Hops. 1 lb jar.
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Stress Therapy 1 lb. Jar
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ABRA Therapeutic Baths are specifically formulated blends of natural minerals that create the ideal delivery system for their organic herbal ingredients. These baths use natural sodium borate, a volcanic boron compound with amazing properties. It is the only water-soluble mineral that can attach to the hydrocarbon molecules of essential oils and herbal extracts and keep them dispersed in water. Organic ingredients stay suspended in the water and become available to the hydrated body.
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