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Vital Vapor Balm

A 100% natural version of the "Vicks"-style rub, but with NO petroleum products. This is a safer, and "better balm for what ails you." Soothing and effective as a chest rub, headache reliever and cough comforter. The big all-purpose household remedy in the little blue glass jar with hundreds of uses. Ours is 100% natural and beyond compare as a comforting chest rub, this amazing stuff also can treat nail funguses, bug bites, act as an insect repellant, remedy headaches and muscle pain, be added to the vaporizer to aromatize and disinfect a room, or used to rub all over to relieve sore feet, and much more! With a lemon-drop scent that kids and adults are crazy about, this is fun AND yummy medicine that no one will dread! 2 oz. Jar
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Vital Vapor Balm
Vital Vapor Balm
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Contains organic sesame oil, organic ginger, castor oil, menthol, & 100% pure essential oils of Eucalyprtus Stageriana, camphor, lavender, ravensara, sage, lemongrass, & others. Planet Friendly, Kid-Friendly and Petroleum-Free!
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